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RECAP: 2024 Spring Friday Forum with Ashley Paré

Our 1st Friday Forum of 2024 featured motivational speaker and self worth consultant Ashley Pa as our keynote speaker.  Through Friday Forums, the chapter is able to provide a high caliber speaker twice annually to provide an interactive virtual presentation to our industry.  This is a IDCEC certified program free to members focusing on stretching and growing all types of designers, and industry colleague at all levels of their career.  

Ashley led an interactive hour focused on knowing your worth.  She was able to reach through the screen and help us all look at some of the vulnerabilities that might be keeping us from succeeding and valuing ourselves.  Participants engaged in lots of chat input that Ashley interwove into her program along with a couple of guided exercises using examples from the crown, along with a feedback exercise.  

Everyone walked away feeling a little bit braver, a little more self aware, and motivated to find ways to better express our needs while being compassionate and clear to other.  

The full video lives here on our YouTube channel.

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