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NCIDQ Certification is the industry's recognized indicator of proficiency in interior design principles and a designer's commitment to the profession.




The National Council for Interior Design Qualification protects public health, safety and welfare by identifying interior designers who have the knowledge and experience to create interior spaces that are not just aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and safe. The core purpose of NCIDQ is to protect the health, life safety and welfare of the public by establishing standards of competence in the practice of interior design.

An independent, nonprofit organization of state and provincial credentialing bodies, NCIDQ has issued professional certificates to competent interior design professionals since 1974. Interior designers who meet NCIDQ’s eligibility requirements for education and experience and pass the rigorous NCIDQ Examination are assigned a unique NCIDQ Certificate number that attests to their qualifications for employers, state regulators and the general public. In addition to developing and administering the examination, NCIDQ provides research and expertise that informs state and provincial licensing laws and regulations for the interior design profession.


Twice a year, the IIDA Ohio Kentucky Chapter offers 10 - 15 of our members 4 months of access to QPractice's Team Plan at a discounted rate of $320.

Visit the QPractice website to learn more about what is included in a Team Plan.

IIDA Discount Team Plan

(with IIDA Ohio Kentucky discount) - $320

Comparable Individual Plan

(without IIDA Ohio Kentucky discount) - $596

Comparable Team Plan

(without IIDA Ohio Kentucky discount) - $420


With NCIDQ Certification positioned as the industry’s recognized indicator of proficiency in interior design principles, the IIDA Ohio Kentucky Chapter strives to elevate the interior design profession by supporting its members who seek certification. The NCIDQ exam covers seven distinct areas, proving an interior designer’s understanding and application of current codes established to protect public health, safety and welfare. The seven distinct areas are building systems, codes, construction standards, contract administration, design application, professional practice, and project coordination.


The IIDA OHKY Chapter encourages certification, and helps members prepare for the NCIDQ exam by offering an intensive preparation course twice a year. Led by QPractice, this online study program offers a weekly study guide, unlimited access to practice tests, additional study materials, and invaluable support for the NCIDQ. This study program lasts 4 months, allowing you to study on your own time, all while keeping you on the path to passing the NCIDQ.


Better buildings equal better lives

LEED believes green buildings are the foundation of something bigger: helping people, and the communities and cities they reside in—safely, healthily and sustainably thrive. The heart of our green building community’s efforts must go well beyond construction and efficiency, and the materials that make up our buildings. We must dig deeper and focus on what matters most within those buildings: human beings.
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The LEED Green Associate exam measures general knowledge of green building practices and how to support others working on LEED projects. The exam is ideal for those new to green building. Access the LEED Green Associate Candidate Handbook.


Dynamic. Resilient. Validated.

WELL is the leading tool for advancing health and well-being in buildings globally. Register your office, building or other space to leverage WELL’s flexible framework for improving health and human experience through design.
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Explore how the WELL AP credential can help you tap into new opportunities and advocate for strategies to improve health for your organization, family, friends, and community in this new normal.

Evidence-Based Design Certification

Certified Healthcare Interior Designers

Building Health for All

Certified Kitchen & Bath Designer

Certified Living In Place Professional

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