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The mission of OHKY Mentorship Connection is to foster professional growth and development by connecting our members. Through personalized guidance, support, and knowledge sharing, we aim to empower individuals to achieve their full potential and excel in today's design industry. Our program seeks to create a vibrant community of mentors and mentees, promoting meaningful connections and inspiring lifelong learning. With a focus on fostering collaboration, skills enhancement, and career advancement, OHKY Mentorship Connection strives to cultivate a culture of continuous growth and excellence for all OHKY members.

Knowledge Transfer

The program aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, skills, and experience between mentors and mentees, empowering individuals to enhance their professional skills and make informed career decisions.

Personal + Professional Development

The program aims to support the personal and professional growth of members by providing guidance, feedback, and advice to help individuals identify strengths, set goals, develop action plans, and acquire the necessary skills for success, fostering enhanced confidence, competence, and effectiveness.

Networking + Relationship Building

The program aims to facilitate networking opportunities and foster relationship building by connecting members, organizing interaction, and creating a sense of community to expand professional connections and support systems.




  1. January 1st - Applications Open

  2. February - Mentorship discussion at all city center Get Connected events

  3. Mid March - Applications Close

  4. End of March - Mentors and mentees are paired and notified

  5. August - Mid-year check-in with the Mentorship committee

  6. November - Mentor Mixer prior to Chapter Design Awards


Duration of Program The Program will run on an annual basis. We will encourage pairing to continue formed relationships but will re-pair applicants each year. We will have a means for individuals to request a mentor throughout the year in case they miss the original application window.

Communication Plan The mentorship program will utilize LinkedIn Groups as its platform for delivering messages to participants. This group will provide discussion points and resources, as well as reminders to meet with your mentor/mentee.

Type of Mentorship One-on-one mentoring (We will allow individuals to choose if they would like to have a mentor and also be a mentee)

Pairings Pairings will be curated manually by the Committee. The application will be very thorough to assist with understanding what mentees/mentors are looking for, experience levels, etc. Mentees/mentors will be given the opportunity at the mixers to write their top three preferred matches.

Participants The program will be open to all levels of membership, including industry members and students

Engagement & Content Once pairings have been assigned it is on the mentee/mentor to foster the relationship. There will be a monthly touchpoint suggestive of things to talk about, reminders to reach out, interesting articles, etc. through the Linkedin page. We will provide a means for mentees/mentors to reach out if pairing is not working well/unresponsive/disengaged.

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