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Join the IIDA community today! It is more important than ever to be part of an engaged and supportive, equitable, and accessible community—to belong and to be included.


An IIDA membership offers benefits for both creative and career growth. Through our events, networking opportunities, and close connection to industry news and developments, we offer our members the best chance to:​

Earn Credibility

If you are a member in good standing, you can use the IIDA acronym after your name. Using your IIDA designation shows your clients, employers and peers that you are deeply committed to your profession. It demonstrates to a prospective employer that you have the qualifications that give you an edge.

Find New Opportunities

As an IIDA Ohio Kentucky member, you gain exclusive access to a dynamic job board tailored specifically for design professionals, providing a gateway to diverse career opportunities, from prestigious firms to cutting-edge startups, empowering you to explore and secure your ideal design role with ease and efficiency.

Sharpen your Skills

Elevate your professional growth with learning and networking opportunities as a member of the IIDA Ohio Kentucky chapter. Benefit from a wide range of enriching activities, including CEUs, NCIDQ study groups, Friday Forums, and an array of resources that foster continuous learning and advancement in the design industry.

Have a Voice

We give members a platform to make a tangible impact in the design industry by actively participating in advocacy and legislation efforts. Membership in IIDA empowers you with a voice in advocacy and legislation, enabling you to shape policies and drive positive change for the design profession on a global scale.

Build a Network

Membership in IIDA offers a remarkable advantage through its robust networking opportunities, connecting design professionals worldwide and fostering collaborative relationships that amplify creativity and industry expertise, leading to endless possibilities and accelerated professional growth.

Become a Leader

Volunteering with IIDA offers an opportunity to cultivate and expand your leadership skills. Through diverse programs, mentorship, and engagement with industry experts, IIDA empowers you to evolve as a leader, equipping you with the tools and knowledge to excel in your career and make a lasting impact in the design community.



The Ohio Kentucky Chapter of IIDA offers many unique benefits only available to our members.



  • Networking locally and nationally

  • Mentorship opportunities

  • Outreach & volunteering



With a focus on education, design excellence, legislative advocacy, leadership development, accreditation, and community outreach, IIDA is on a mission to enhance the value and understanding of interior design as a profession. In this comprehensive guide, we explore the multifaceted world of IIDA, delving into its core principles, the dynamic Ohio Kentucky Chapter, and the transformative impact it has on businesses, designers, communities, and the interior design industry as a whole. Step inside to discover how IIDA can help elevate your business, develop your design career, champion industry excellence, and nurture community leadership, all while offering a vibrant spectrum of membership options tailored to your unique professional journey.

  • Are you a student hoping to get involved?

  • Are you looking for assistance in getting support from your manager/firm to join IIDA?

  • Do you want to ensure an IIDA membership is part of your benefits package at a new firm?

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