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Cincinnati Recycling & Reuse Hub

Who is the Cincinnati Recycling and Reuse Hub?

Since its Grand Opening in April of 2021, the non-profit organization has been working to increase awareness of the connections among “things”, consumer habits, and harmful environmental consequences. They reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills through their one stop drop-off location (an old warehouse located at 911 Evans Street) where they are filling gaps in recycling and reuse in the region by accepting items and materials that are recyclable and reusable and not permitted in your curbside recycling bins.

“The Hub”, as it’s lovingly called by all its staff, board and patrons, partners with several programs to recycle, reuse, TerraCycle and compost. They collect things from Flexible Film (like chip bags and candy wrappers) to footwear and plant pots to Styrofoam. They partner with TerraCycle who recycles items like contact lens packages, Brita filters, Babybel cheese wax and wrappers, most Kroger brand bag packaging and even electronics and batteries (for a fee) and more. The Hub also has a selected list of items that they accept at places like local Farmers Markets, because who doesn’t love to kill two birds with one stone! According to their website, the Hub has diverted 465 Tons from hitting the landfill since they opened!

Did we forget to mention… The Hub also houses the ZeroLandfill program. ZeroLandfill Cincinnati started in 2008 and diverted over 286,000 pounds from landfills prior to 2021. Since the Hub opened, the program has diverted over 116,632 pounds! They offer a space for our sample materials to be donated year round, instead of just once a year and it allows crafters, makers and artists to take away as much material as they want during their open hours. Carrie Harms, who is the Warehouse Director at Cincinnati Recycling and Reuse Hub, was a part of the interior design community, was very involved since the start of ZeroLandfill, and took over running the Cincinnati program in 2010. She was integral in making ZeroLandfill a part of the Hub and has seen how it provides a much needed place to make recycling and reuse accessible for everyone, so customers will begin to think twice before throwing something away.

So what does this mean for us? Well, it’s great that we have a space for our old, outdated, overflow or just plain unwanted materials, but what if we were able to reduce the waste in the first place? Ask yourself – do I need to order 60 samples overnight “just in case”? Can we make use of our samples that are in our library already? Does our customer need to see endless options or can I select a few? Our unwanted materials getting a second life is much better than having just the one, but we as design professionals should challenge ourselves to be mindful of our consumption and waste of materials and finishes and be better stewards of our planet. It’s easy to think something has just gone away once out of your sight, but truly, there is no “away”. We encourage you to visit the Hub to see everything they’re doing, especially the Zerolandfill space as it’s hard to fully understand the amount of materials there until you see it. 

Zerolandfill Space

Another way to help would be to volunteer at Cincinnati Recycling & Reuse Hub! As a non-profit, the Hub depends on volunteers to run their day-to-day operations. Whether it’s volunteering alone or with a group, there are many opportunities to get involved such as helping with their drop off days, sorting items, helping with takeaway on the 2nd floor, assisting with events such as their monthly craft night (which has a different craft every month!) or special events like their repair fair coming up on June 8th where volunteer fixers help repair your broken things! They also rely on donations, both individual and corporate sponsors, to maintain all of their recycling programs, materials, and cost of the warehouse. Anything, small or large, counts!

As you can tell, the Hub goes beyond recycling and reuse. They create connections across the community and make sustainability approachable. They’re there to help you with the process, and make it simple and fun. So how will you help? Stay tuned for an organized event through IIDA and feel free to reach out or volunteer with the Hub directly via their website, linked below.

Where and When to visit the Hub:

Standard hours of operation:

  • Thursdays 12-6

  • Saturdays 10-2

  • Soon to be Tuesdays!


911 Evans St. Cincinnati Oh, 45204

To see upcoming events, click here.

Visit their website here.

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