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RECAP: Zerolandfill Cleveland Akron

Another ZeroLandfill for the books! We had SO MANY MATERIALS this time because we had not one but TWO rounds of pickups which equated to a total of 90 BINS of materials from 25 northeast Ohio A&D firms, manufacturer reps, and even KSU! And of course we couldn't have done it without the help of furniture installation companies Ohio Desk and JTC Contracting who volunteered their trucks and manpower to haul away the VERY heavy bins and deliver them to the Solid Waste Management Facility in Garfield Heights, who have continued to be a partner and host our distribution events year after year.

The community collectors started lining up an hour early on the first distribution day, and it was a mad dash to get the goods! I wasn't sure we'd be able to distribute it all but the attendees, many of whom are local artists and crafters and teachers, really made a dent on the first day! Saturday brought more of a leisurely crowd and one attendee (pictured with her tapestry with a positive message) took boxes and boxes of fabric to use for her crafting club.

Thank you all for your participation and support! Keep an eye out for the next collection and distribution this summer!

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