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Zerolandfill – Back At It!

Zerolandfill was back at it this year, with the A/D community anxious to purge their libraries and local teachers, artists and DIY-ers anxious to replenish their supply of unique materials.

With the sole mission to divert materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill, Zerolandfill Toledo was able to find new homes and new purposes for everything from textile and wallcovering samples, to ceramic tiles, bricks and carpet tiles.

Our crew of volunteers welcomed back some familiar faces on material pick-up days as well as a lot of new and enthusiastic faces.

A big thank you to American Interiors for the use of the warehouse space for this year’s program!

Start saving those outdated library materials now – We are looking forward to bringing Zerolandfill again to the Toledo community in 2022!

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