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ZeroLandfill Cleveland Akron

We are sad to announce that we will not be hosting Zerolandfill this summer, for the safety of the public and our local design community. We look forward to a successful Winter 2021 Zerolandfill event, and want to share some inspiration in the meantime!

These crafty projects that have been created from our industry's outdated finish samples!

Kay's project - She has repurposed flooring samples into bright stair risers for her business, and has created a beautiful custom counter top out of laminate samples! Thanks for sharing Kay!

Emily Ann's project - A beautiful piece of art painted on a glass tile! This is a great idea for a classroom project for teachers as well!

What would be a sewing project during a pandemic without masks?! Griot used fabric memo samples from our spring Zerolandfill event to sew masks for her friends and family. Jenean sewed fabric samples into adorable dolls. Nice work ladies!

Mandy's project - This collage was made out of wall covering and wood veneer samples that were brought to Zerolandfill from local architecture firms! We love to see how creative our supporters can be with transforming interior products into beautiful pieces of art!

Another one from Kay! - she repurposed tile samples into pavers for her new rainbow outdoor patio! We would love to be here sipping a drink right now!

For updates on our Winter 2021 Zerolandfill event, be sure to check out ZerolandfillCleveland on Facebook and be sure to sign up for the newsletter!

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