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ZeroLandfill Cleveland Akron

Zerolandfill is going to look a bit different this year, but our mission remains the same: to save unused and outdated samples from ending up in a landfill!

Instead of dropping off your samples to us, we will be coming to you. You will sign up for a quantity of storage bins for a small fee, and IIDA will drop them off hands-free at your office during the week of 3/1-3/5. Throughout the month of March, fill your bins! On Friday, March 26th, IIDA will pick up your filled boxes and handle all transportation and storage.

Thank you to Ohio Desk, RCF Group, and JTC Installations for their transportation sponsorship to make this event possible.

For more information & to order a bin, please visit this link:

*In order to promote social distancing, IIDA Cleveland Akron will not be hosting a winter harvest for the community to shop these materials. Hopefully health and safety guidelines will allow us to rehome these materials this coming summer.

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