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HQ Advocacy Spotlight with Cincinnati Dayton

Our very our Cincinnati/Dayton City Center was featured on HQs website for their Advocacy Week social media campaign!

Here are some of our favorite quotes with the Cincinnati/Dayton Advocacy Chair, Robyn Davis.

"Educate: We were noticing that when people thought about advocacy they were thinking only about the bill and the chapter’s efforts with it. We wanted to use this week to help educate people and change how they thought about advocacy–advocacy is such a bigger picture than just passing the bill."
"Rejuvenate: We wanted to rejuvenate and relight the fire for our members and design community. Remind them that what they do is important and to remind them why they do what they do. "
"One person told me that they had no idea what advocacy meant for our industry until that week, and now they know what advocacy means and what is means to be an advocate"
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