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RECAP: 2021 Fall Friday Forum

IDA Ohio Kentucky held its 3rd and final Friday Forum of 2021 on October 29th at noon, rounding out a year of top notch speakers focusing on developing designer's leadership skills.

Dr. Megan Gerhardt, Miami University Professor, shared her extensive research on generations. Her work focuses on the importance not of stereotyping and labeling generations, but using empathy, and consideration for the perspective of the groups to build consensus and understanding.

The one hour virtual session brought together over 60 designers and industry members for a knowledge packed webinar. Please feel free to watch the recording, and see some of the great tools Megan shared with our members.

The session was also available for 1 hour (.1) IDCEC credits. If you were not able to scan the code and receive credit for the session, please message Kristin Mara, VP of Professional Development at

6 lucky participants were selected to receive a free copy of Dr.Gerhardts book: Genintelligence: The Revolutionary Approach to Leading an Intergenerational Workforce.

  • Congratulations to:

  • Jordan Hibner, SHP*

  • AnneMarie Morman, SHP

  • Ryan Castle, GMi*

  • Jelena Sebastian, Contract Source

  • Cynthia Haight, ThenDesign Architecture

  • Amanda Vieu, Burgess Niple*

* Indicates IIDA member

Interested in learning more? Get your own copy here.

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