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RECAP: Cin/Day Spring Inspire Me Tour 2024

In late May of this year, IIDA held a tour at three buildings on the campus of University of Cincinnati. The tour's focus was to expose folks in the industry to some amazing work that is right around the corner from where they live and work. Overall, the tour was well attended and included some interesting aspects that made it well rounded, rather than just a walk through. With a happy hour that followed just down the street, it was a great way to cap off a successful event. 

The tour took place at Siddall Hall, Calhoun Hall and Marketpoint. These three stops gave the attendees of the tour a sound idea of different spaces and places among the University of Cincinnati campus. Another interesting note to this was that one of these buildings had just been completed, one had been used in the past few school years, and one was currently under construction. This showed great examples of different processes that go on from start to finish in a project such as a campus building. 

The group also was able to have guided tours from the different entities that worked on these three projects. This included employees from companies such as University of Cincinnati, Messer Construction, MSA Architects and GBBN. This gave the tour group a more in depth look at some of the challenges and successes that went on during the designing, planning and construction of these buildings on campus. 

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